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Our Story

Our Story

Joe and Barbara Fiori

founded The Butcher Shoppe in 1983 when ordering a side of beef, pork, or lamb in a conventional meat market was common. At that time, Joe cured his own pastrami and corned beef, smoked salmon and home-made bratwurst, as well as making his own Chinese pork and beef jerky – traditions that still continue today at Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe. Fiori’s quickly became known as a place for picking up marinated meats, long before the competition and grocery stores offered the same.

Eventually, Fiori’s began receiving requests for sandwiches made from their wide selection of deli lunch meats and cheeses – and the rest is history! The sandwich menu was rounded out with soups and chili, box lunches and delivery options, and eventually fresh green salads and a wide range of espresso drinks (the beans are fresh roasted just around the corner!).

By 1998, the opportunity arose for Joe and Barbara to expand the deli by moving two doors down from their original location, doubling from 1500 to 3000 sq. ft. Since that time, Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe has continued to enhance and grow its product selection while remaining true to its original formula for success. The Shoppe now includes a totally renovated kitchen facility, updated signage, menus (now website – finally), curbside pick-up service, and the most exciting part – a professional chef making our soups, quiches, and desserts. But above all, the same great tastes and quality products keep our customers coming back for more. Thanks for your many years of loyalty!

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